The Last Day of First Grade

What a year it has been! I am so proud of my little man for excelling in school, even after skipping a grade. He was sad to say goodbye to his friends and teacher for summer break, especially since he will be switching schools. But the good news is, he’ll be attending the same school as Daddy, so that’s something for him to look forward to. Here is a picture of him on the first and last day of this school year. His baby face has definitely changed some, but he’s still my sweet boy.

first & last day of 1st grade
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Wordless Wednesday – We Have an Announcement!

My husband and I have gone round and round about this topic for months. Our older son clearly shows signs of being advanced academically and although he was to begin Kindergarten this school year, Nate wanted to test him for advancement. My opposition is due to concern that we would make the wrong choice for our son and that the pressure would be too much for him. After long discussions I ultimately agreed to “just have him tested”, but I knew….I just knew he would pass. 

Our little guy has been excited for weeks about taking the test. Is he a weird kid or what? LOL! He kept reassuring me, ” I’m gonna win the test Mommy.” Well, the day finally arrived today (Wednesday) and the 1 1/2 hour-long IQ test followed by a Kindergarten end of the year assessment showed that he more than qualified to advance into first grade. He scored 1st grade level in Math and 2.9 in reading, which is high level 2nd grade. He’s 5! He does need some work on sentence structure, however we’re confident he’ll pick that up quickly. So…..J is excited to announce that he will begin 1st grade on Monday!

J starts 1st grade!

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