Take a Sunrise Balloon Ride with Orlando Balloon Adventures

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Orlando Balloon Adventures

Yesterday I shared my amazing experience at the Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa. While there I had the opportunity to join fellow bloggers for a sunrise balloon ride with Orlando Balloon Adventures. If you’ve ever considered a hot air balloon ride or had it on your bucket list, I highly encourage you to follow through on that dream. 

We started our morning off very early and met the pilot, Pat, in the parking lot for a wind test. He along with two other pilots for other balloon companies attempted two tests to determine where our balloons would land. We then made our way to the take off site. Once there we watched the crew unload the huge balloons for preparation.

unpacking the balloon

We even helped out by holding the sides of the balloon while Pat fired up the hot air balloon. Seriously cool, right?

fire in the hole

This basket fits up to 10 people and the pilot. The red hand rings offer a comfort for anyone who’s feeling a bit uneasy, however I have to say there is no movement in the basket. It was incredible how the balloon moved with ease and I felt so calm up in the air. I’m not a heights person either, and I don’t do roller coasters, but this experience is once in a lifetime and I definitely recommend taking the opportunity!

air balloon basket

I love Pat’s beautiful balloon with a smiling sun in the center staring down at you.

smile in the sky

Here we are going up, up, and away!

Up and away

We took off just as the sun peeked through the clouds to welcome the day.

Sunrise Balloon Ride

With a camera extender Pat snapped this picture of us girls (Carlee, Amy, Kelly, Mary, Tara and myself) on our sunset balloon ride.  

Flying high

I snapped a “selfie” in the sky. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful sunrise!


At one point Pat from Orlando Balloon Adventures told us to get our cameras ready for a photo opp as we flew over a lake. I snapped this beautiful reflection in the water.

Reflection in the water

We took the same flight pattern as the two other hot air balloon companies that flew with us that morning. They actually kept radio contact between them and talked about any change in wind patterns, etc.

hot air balloon in the sky

As we crossed over the town of Celebration, I snapped this picture of the town. Seriously – this experience is one of a kind! It was so incredible to get a view like this.


Once we landed Pat and his crew hosted a champagne toast with breakfast (included) for us. During the champagne toast Pat talks about the history of hot air balloon rides and how they came to be.


champagne toast

He also shared The Balloonist Prayer with us that goes like this:

The winds have welcomed you with softness

the sun has blessed you with his warm hands

you have flown so high and so well that

God has joined you in your laughter

and set you gently back

into the loving arms of 

Mother Earth

My experience with Orlando Balloon Adventures was truly amazing and something I will always remember. If you have ever considered a hot air balloon ride, I encourage you to give Pat a call at 407-Sunrise (786-7473). He was professional and made us feel comfortable during our adventure. Many times hot air balloon rides are reserved for proposals, weddings or other special occasions. Pat offers a variety of packages for flights so definitely check out his site, or you can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

“Your adventure is only a sunrise away”

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