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Stop what you are doing. Trust me. You will want to see this! Just take a minute or two to catch this short video below.

After watching the Shark Sonic Duo commercial on TV a few months ago I thought there’s no way this floor cleaning system can do it all. Then I spotted the Shark Sonic Duo team at the #Blogher13 conference this summer, and had to experience it for myself. 

This floor cleaning system really works! The lightweight portability combined with a 180 degree swivel and Sonic Dual scrubbing power makes this floor cleaner a top contender. Here’s additional benefits to the Shark Sonic Duo:

  • The ability to clean carpet and hard floors: wood, tile, vinyl, and stone
  • Removes 4x more dirt than vacuuming alone
  • No sticky residue
  • Trap & Remove Technology
  • Cleans in 1/2 the time w/less effort
  • Extends carpet life
  • No residue
  • Safe to use
  • Sonic Dual scrubbing power with 1,000 scrubs per minute!

Shark Sonic Duo

What’s included with your purchase? 

  • Hard floor cleaning pad & carpet/rug cleaning pad
  • Pretreater Carpet Stain & Odor Remover
  • Low moisture carpet cleaner
  • Wood & hard floor cleaner
  • Shark Sonic Duo

The concentrate makes 7 large bottles of solution and is really easy to do. Once I combined the water and cleaning solution, I attached it upside down to the front of the Shark. The pads have a velcro surface on one side that attaches to the Shark. Then I was ready to scrub! Well, technically the Shark Sonic Duo does all the dirty work for me. :)

Shark Sonic Duo cleaner

I vacuumed, then used the Shark Sonic Duo on my hard floor surfaces. And here is the results!

floor cleaner

Yep, that is all the leftover dirt the vacuum did not pick up. Gross right? I have to mention that both boys had unique reactions to the Shark. My youngest went running and came back wearing a hulk mask. He wanted to “defeat” the Shark. LOL! My 5-year-old asked what my new toy was and then said, “why is it spitting?” The Shark Sonic Duo has a button for the user to dispense the cleaning solution on the floor so that’s what he was referring to. 

What are my thoughts? Other than this floor cleaning system is amazing! I love the green aspect of the Shark because the pads are all machine washable. I appreciate that it comes with a set of 2 for each floor type so while one is in the wash, you can utilize the other one. I like how thin the Shark Sonic Duo is because it can get under all of my kitchen cabinets, unlike my vacuum. The light on the front of the Shark is so helpful to spot all of the dirt, grime, stains, and more. And it works wonders! No more scrubbing away at those stubborn stains.


I highly recommend getting a Shark Sonic Duo for your home. It really makes a difference for both carpets and hard floors. Definitely catch the short video above to see how well it works on carpet stains.

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  1. says

    I would love to try that! I’ve got a carpet scrubber, but this one definitely looks better! Love how it pulses so fast. I don’t have any hard surfaces…only carpet….and with a dog, 2 cats, and 2 kids (plus their friends) it gets dirty quickly! Thanks for sharing this :) You are fortunate for getting to use one!

  2. Nelda Hernandez says

    Part of my home has marble floors. It makes no mention of products for marble floors. Any comments are appreciated.

    • says

      Hi Nelda, thank you for your question. I believe the Shark Sonic Duo is for all floor types. I do not have marble floors so I can’t say from personal experience, however you can probably reach a rep via the contact us form on their site to be certain. :)

  3. Cassandra Eastman says

    I’m so glad you shared this, i’ve been looking into this because we have the Shark vacuum and LOVE it! But I really need something to clean my tile floors and carpet stains. Great review!

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