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Convenience. It’s what every mom wishes for to help get them through the day. As a mom with a child just beginning elementary school we are in new territory. Therefore creating a routine is key to a successful start to our day.

There are a plethora of creative lunchbox ideas on the internet, but for me and my family we need convenience without forfeiting nutritional value. Mott’s® is a family favorite, and a tradition I’ve passed down from my own childhood. Using their new Mott’s® Snack & Go applesauce pouches and 100% Apple Juice boxes I created a healthy, fun lunchbox for my little man.


Mott’s® Snack & Go applesauce pouches are delicious and nutritious; and they’re the perfect convenient snacks when you’re on-the-go. Great for lunchboxes and to throw in your purse. Mott’s® 100% Apple Juice – Get 30% daily value of vitamin C in a variety of flavors, conveniently packaged in on-the-go juice boxes.

My inspiration was of course my boys and their love for superheroes. I call this creation: a superhero lunch.

Superhero lunch
Donning fun superhero sayings, a peanut butter & jelly sandwich (because all superheroes need protein to fight bad guys), a classic superhero symbol made out of cheddar cheese, star cupcake holders filled with strawberries and grapes, a Mott’s® Snack & Go applesauce pouch, and Mott’s®. 100% Apple Juice. This lunch is not only packed with delicious foods my son loves, but they tackle my two needs: healthy and convenient.

Even on my son’s day off from school (Labor Day) he requested his superhero lunch. He even put his Iron Man suit to eat his meal!

kid lunch idea

Do you create themed lunchboxes for your kids? What are their favorite themes?

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  1. Michelle S says

    SUCH a neat lunchbox meal for the kiddo! I think this pouches are great for when kids have to eat quick at lunchtime. Even if they can’t get to their lunch the applesauce has enough nutrients in itself.

  2. Mer says

    That is adorable! I’m not quite creative enough for themed lunches, but it’s fun to see what others come up with (and maybe borrow an idea or two!).

  3. Janet W. says

    These really are great for on the go! My grandsons would like these in the car, while riding in the stroller during errands, etc! Great, delicious snack!

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