Avengers Captain America Shield Cake

Tonight we had a family game night inspired by the Avengers movie. My kids are HUGE superhero fans so they were very excited for the occasion. As an extra treat I decided to bake an Avengers themed cake. I picked up the items I needed at the store and headed home to bake!

What you will need to make an Avengers Captain America Shield Cake:

Cake mix

Eggs, oil & water

1 large bowl

Blue and Red Glitter Icing

1 can of Vanilla Frosting

2 round cake pans

1 star cookie cutter

Paper plate

Captain America shield (or picture for reference)

Next bake the cake as directed on the back of the box. Make sure to evenly separate the batter into two 8″ cake pans. Let cool for 15-20 minutes before moving onto the next step.

Once cooled take one round cake pan and turn upside down (while your other hand is underneath to catch the cake). Have a cake plate close by to place it on the plate. Spread an even layer of vanilla frosting to the upside down cake. Next place the other round cake on top (right side up). Spread an even layer of vanilla frosting to the top round cake.


Next take a paper plate and trim the outer edge off and discard. Use the paper plate as a template for the circles on the shield. Gently place the paper plate upside down on the cake (but do not push down or when you lift it up it will pull all the icing and possibly some of the cake up).

Attach a cake tip to the red glitter icing and follow the edge of the paper plate around once. With the back of a spoon smooth out the icing to the edge of the cake. Gently remove the paper plate. Then using the same paper plate, cut an additional strip off of the plate. This time use the strip for guidance for the next circle (leaving a white layer circle of frosting between the two red lines). Discard any other paper plate pieces as you will no longer need them.

Trace the inner border of the strip with the red glitter icing. Use the back of a spoon to smooth out the icing into a thick red line. Next place the star cookie cutter in the center. Place a tip on the blue glitter icing and trace the outside of the entire star. Use the back of a small spoon to smooth out the icing to the edge of the red line.

Put the remainder of the vanilla frosting into a pastry bag and place a tip on the bag. Remove the star cookie cutter. An outline of a star should be visible. With the pastry bag fill in the star with frosting. You can choose to use a small spoon to smooth out the frosting at the star or leave as-is. Use the remaining frosting to fill in any other areas of the cake that need touching up.

Voila, you’re done! It looks just like the real thing. :)

Avengers Captain America Shield Cake



  1. says

    Nice! I’m pinning. My son’s birthday is in December. We don’t do much but the family thing so I can definitely take on the cake making. Avengers is going to be big this year. The DVD comes out in FIVE days 😉 The three of us cannot wait to see it again.

  2. says

    So fun! My husband is the baker at our house. He made our daughter a princess crown cake using trimmed graham crackers around the outside of the cake for the crown points. It’s amazing how with a little creative ingenuity, an everyday box cake can be transformed into a family moment!

  3. Christine Lane says

    This is great! Thank you! My daughter loves Captain America and I want to do this for her birthday.


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